Patriot Day 911 Never Forget Spare Tire Cover

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  • Patriot Day 9/11 We Will Never Forget Spare Tire Cover with the 11 of 9/11 in red white and blue american flag and as the silhouette of the twin towers.
  • Patriot Day 911 Never Forget Spare Tire Cover
  • Spare tire cover design with 9/11 in big bold block letters that look like the American flag and the 11 of the 9/11 as the world trade center twin towers. Plus the words Patriot Day We Will Never Forget and a space for a back up camera
  • Anti-theft grommet and cabling system add-on to help protect your spare tire cover from theft.
  • Chart to find the correct size for your spare tire wheel. Learn how to identify the proper tire size to order your spare tire cover.
  • Patriot Day 911 Never Forget Spare Tire Cover
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JL Backup Camera
Anti-Theft Grommets
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Honor 9/11 and our vow to never forget this infamous day with a 9/11 spare tire cover inspired by the valiant first responders who sacrificed everything. 

This spare tire cover design is a high-quality custom-fit cover for any vehicle, make, model, and size - Our spare tire covers can fit any tire for any model Jeep, RV, Travel Trailer, Camper, Bronco and more! 

✔️ High quality marine-grade vinyl
✔️ UV inks printed onto vinyl (not a sticker)
✔️ Made to order for every tire size
✔️ Built to last
✔️ Seam to seam printing
✔️ Made in the USA
✔️ Customization available upon request
✔️ Satisfaction Guaranteed

Contact us for custom spare tire cover requests. We love to make unique spare tire covers that are unique and different for your ride's vibe!