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This Week In Jeeps

Bumper to Bumper JL Overview January 14 2018, 1 Comment

As we enter the new year, we welcome a new generation Jeep Wrangler.
The much anticipated 2018 Wrangler (JL) is packed with a new look and new features. 
There are many reviews and articles around, but I found a really great overview of the vehicle from Doug DeMuro of  Check it out here.




The road ahead... November 23 2017, 1 Comment

We are taking a dip in the pool of blogging...

For us, Jeeps are a part of everday life.  Whether its going to work, or dropping our children off at school, we are always in our Jeep.  On the weekends hopefully its off-road somewhere.
As a Jeep lover and all around Jeep enthusiast I wanted to start a blog with the hopes of bringing and sharing some news about the lifestyle and the brand.

The goal...
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