The road ahead... November 23 2017, 148 Comments

We are taking a dip in the pool of blogging...

For us, Jeeps are a part of everday life.  Whether its going to work, or dropping our children off at school, we are always in our Jeep.  On the weekends hopefully its off-road somewhere.
As a Jeep lover and all around Jeep enthusiast I wanted to start a blog with the hopes of bringing and sharing some news about the lifestyle and the brand.

The goal here is to provide our customer base and other Jeep enthusiasts a cool take on the current events in the Jeep community.
Sharing event information, product reviews and our all around experience with anything Jeep related will be published here.

So in the upcoming weeks as we get the ball rolling, we hope that you check in and join us for the ride.  Thanks and have a great holiday season.