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Change is Coming! July 25 2021, 0 Comments

 Change is good. Change shows growth. 

Jeep Momma is no longer alone. She is part of an amazing team, Jeep Momma and Neil. 

Neil has taught me so much, and I still have so much to learn from him. He has so much knowledge, so many tips and tricks, and so much Jeep passion. 
 I want to share that with you. 
I am excited for this new chapter of the most Epic Adventure of My Life.

Check out the rest of my...

Reflections From 2020 January 30 2021, 2 Comments

2020 was a pretty crappy year for most people. Mine started
out really hard having to leave my boys in Maryland because of my separation.

Hardest Week Of My Life  January 7,2020

I had a plan though. A plan to see them. A plan to fly them to Utah for EJS. A plan to fly home to visit. So many visits planned. Then the pandemic hit and the world went topsy turvy. 

I did go back to the East Coast in...

Rubicon Trail: Final Day November 11 2020, 0 Comments

Day Four on the Rubicon Trail, our last day on the iconic 4x4 trail. It didn't turn out how we expected, but it was meant to be. The day before we had to leave our CJ5 on the trail because it had engine issues and wouldn't start. It was a difficult decision for Neil and I which eventually changed our relationship. 

Mending Fences - Blog Post

Early that morning we left the coolest camping spot on...

Rubicon Trail Day 3 - Hard Choices October 26 2020, 2 Comments

To wheel the Rubicon Trail was a dream of mine from the moment I discovered it. That was back in 2014, and I never in a million years thought I would have the skills to tackle this iconic trail. 

Well, I finally made it. I was wheeling the Rubicon Trail with my kids. It is a mement I will cherish forever. In all the times I went wheeling, Michael wheeled with me once at Rausch Creek and Ben three...

Bucket List UPDATED October 14 2020, 7 Comments

I haven't talked about my Bucket List in quite a while. It's been over a year. I guess it's because I have been on one big bucket list of an adventure. 

Well, I checked off a biggie this year. The Rubicon Trail. I never in a million years expected to be able to check that one off the list. But I did it. I can't wait to go again. It was an amazing trail. 

Now that I checked off the number one item on...

Top 5 Lessons Learned on the Rubicon Trail September 28 2020, 188 Comments

I shared "My Lessons Learned on the Rubicon Trail" on the Jeep Talk Show Podcast where I am a co-host. You can go listen there as well in my segment "The Jeep Life with Jeep Momma". Also check out my Rubicon Trail Videos on my YouTube Channel

Lesson Number 1: Off Road Etiquette
The Rubicon Trail is located in the Sierra Nevadas east of Sacramento...

A Must Do Upgrade September 23 2020, 8 Comments

 A I grow in my Jeep knowledge I learn things I wish I would of done differently, and things I was spot on doing right. Over the years I have come across many Jeep aftermarket products, some are amazing and some didn't work for my needs. 

However, Jeep Cables is a product I feel is a must do upgrade for all Jeepers.

Especially if you are going to add to the electrical demand to your Jeep by adding a...

The Jeep Code Disagreement - Mending Fences August 25 2020, 11 Comments

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

 No, not my Jeep, but me. 

I had to leave a Jeep on the Rubicon Trail.  

  The Jeep Code - Blog Post from June 

There are other Jeep Codes not mentioned in that post, like tread lightly, if you pack it in pack it out, stay on the trail, and never leave a Jeep -- or is it Jeeper -- behind. Well, that last one sits heavy in my heart. 

Sometimes it's not always an...

Rubicon Trail Day One August 03 2020, 0 Comments

Finally the Rubicon Trail! I made it!

We left Colorado with my two boys, our dog Dixie, and two Jeeps, my 2015 Rubicon and our 1969 CJ5. We knew it would be a long couple of days with the slow go of the CJ5. What we didn't know was the struggle this Jeep would have on the trail. 

Neil is an amazing wheeler and has the ability to get any Jeep through an obstacle. We saw that amazing ability in...

The Road To The Rubicon July 27 2020, 2 Comments

Six years ago I discovered the Rubicon Trail from videos on YouTube. I had no idea there was even such a trail.  A fellow Jeeper on Instagram told me, with practice, one day I would be able to wheel the trail. 

At the time, I didn't think I would ever be at that level. Boy was I wrong. Recently, I upped my wheeling game with some off roading in Kingman, Arizona where the trails are quite difficult,...
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