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Helping an Air Force Veteran in Need! October 10 2018, 0 Comments

Sometimes just standing at a pro sports game to clap and cheer for the men and women who serve our country just doesn't seem like enough. So when I get a chance to personally give back to a veteran or current military person I jump on that chance. 

A fellow wheeler and Air Force vet who served two terms in the Middle East now needs our help. The flood waters of Hurricane Florence ravished his home....

How To Break the Kicker Curse October 09 2018, 0 Comments

This NFL season there have been several kickers plagued by bad luck. In one game the Green Bay Packers kicker, Mason Crosby, a very accurate kicker missed four field goals and an extra point. 

That same Sunday the Minnesota Vikings Kicker missed two field goals. The Vikings had previously dropped a kicker from their roster for missing several key kicks in games early in the season. The Cleveland...

Fixed My Headlight!!! I Hope October 02 2018, 0 Comments

My fingers are crossed. I think my headlight issue has been solved. Check out the history of my headlight saga below before you read on. 

In June I went back to Adrenaline Off-Road. Jeff had ordered the factory wiring and plug. However, Mike (the mechanic who does most of the hands on work on my Jeep) checked everything over. He cleaned up the factory plug by using a...

The JL Trim Models October 01 2018, 0 Comments

The Jeep Wrangler has been around for over 30 years. I took a look at all the different Wrangler models over the years. Check out the links to my blog posts below. 

Just this year Jeep came out with the 4th Generation Wrangler featuring four trim models each with very different features.

Check out this comprehensive video from Extreme Terrain's Ryan Huck who shares all the differences in the new JL...

Women's Wheeling Day History September 25 2018, 0 Comments

2014 - My first time attending the event! My first trail damage giving my Wrangler it's first tattoo.  

2015 - I had the opportunity to wheel a lifted vehicle by driving the Clayton Jeep.

2016 - I was reunited with my new Jeep Mom friend! The first time I broke something on the trails. The first time I was a tail gunner.

2017- I became a sponsor of the...

Root One Six Coupon Code September 21 2018, 0 Comments

We all love to get new Jeep Parts and Accessories. 
AND... We all love a good discount! 

Check out Root One Six. Click on the Link Here  

Then at the top of the page click Great Gear! 

When you get ready to order use the coupon code JEEPMOMMA to receive 10% off! 

They have some really cool items. Check out these grab handles! I have them installed in my Jeep and LOVE them! 

If you are in need of...

Women's Wheeling Day 2018 September 20 2018, 0 Comments

"At the end of the day it's not about what you have 
or even what you've accomplished. It's about who you've lifted up, who you've made better. It's about what 
you've given back" ~Denzel Washington 

Saturday I gave back!!! 
What an amazing feeling!!! 

Four years ago I was welcomed into a community with open arms. I was given support and encouragement like I have never received before. My joy for a new...

The Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU September 17 2018, 0 Comments

The fourth generation Wrangler, the JL made it's television debut during Superbowl 52. The only good thing about that Superbowl. Yes, I am still bitter! 

The commercial was called Jurassic Jeep, an reenactment from the T-Rex chase scene from the 1993 Jurassic Park movie. However, Jeff Goldblum one of the stars from the movie is driving a silver with red accents two-door 2018 Wrangler JL Rubicon...

My New Adventure September 06 2018, 0 Comments

Stay at Home Mom
When my first son was born I left my television news career to stay at home to raise him (and my youngest son). A decision I will never regret. However, after many years my boys began to need me less and less which lead me to start looking towards my second career. 

I knew getting back in the news field wasn't an option as that flame to my old love diminished. So I was on to other...

The Third Generation Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU September 03 2018, 0 Comments

The JK/JKU's body and chassis were completely redesigned during the era when Jeep was part of Daimler Chrysler. 

What is a Wrangler? The JK/JKU ~ Jeep Talk Show Podcast 

However, this third generation Wrangler continued to have a separate body and frame, rigid live axles both front and rear, a fold-flat windshield, and can be driven without doors.

The Wrangler Unlimited is the only American four-door...
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