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Jeep Momma - Blog

Spectacular Grand Canyon January 18 2020, 0 Comments

Day 18We woke up to a cold morning in Mesa Verde National Park. The three of us slept on my Mattress Firm mattress in the back of my Rubicon. It was cold all night, but Jersey was like a mini heater and kept us warm. She is also a cover hog.

It was an a spectacular view during our drive through the park on our way to the Grand Canyon. Neil had a good time messing with me as we drove the park. 

Camper Life on a Budget January 15 2020, 0 Comments

We all have dreams and goals. My dream was to live the Jeep Life on the road. I had a goal, a plan to reach that goal. There were many steps in that plan to live my dream. 

Well, sometimes life throws a wrench into your plan, and you need to adapt. The wrench in my plan - I had to start this dream a couple years early. I wasn't financially or emotionally ready, which is okay. I will adapt. 


Wrenching Therapy January 14 2020, 0 Comments


This second week of my new chapter in life started with a horrible loss. Neil and I took our Jersey the Jeep Dog to the vet. She was not doing good the whole week, and her health continued to deteriorate over the weekend. 

She had cancer. Sadly, it was her time as her quality of life was not a life at all. It was extremely heart-wrenching to watch Neil say good-bye. 

Neil said,the best therapy...

Jamie - Celebrating the Jeep Life January 13 2020, 0 Comments

My name is Jaime. I'm 43 year old woman from Ohio.

Growing up, my dad always had lifted trucks and I always wanted to do one myself.  

I got my 94 YJ back in 2013 from my dad by trading my truck. It took a few years, but I finally got my lift and installed it myself along with doing all the maintenance on it. Over the last few years I've been slowly modifying it to be more of a toy. Luckily, I have...

Hardest Week of My Life January 07 2020, 0 Comments

This new decade is going to bring exciting adventures, a new chapter in my life. I look forward to this new adventure, however, the first week of 2020 has been quite a struggle emotionally.

For years I have been having marital problems. As I struggled with my own issues of self-identity, my marriage also had it's issues. A few years ago we separated, but still lived together in our home. After...

Heading South December 24 2019, 0 Comments

DAY 17

Neil and I were pretty much at the halfway point of our adventure when we left Colorado. We sadly left Maggie May sitting in the garage in Del Norte. Still perplexed why she stopped running. 

I knew it was extremely hard for Neil to not have his Jeep on this leg of our journey. 
I couldn't even imagine if I wasn't able to take my Jeep. However, Neil persevered and moved forward.

We spent four...

Maggie May is Broken December 20 2019, 0 Comments

Day 13-14-15-16

Neil and I finally rolled into Del Norte, Colorado late in the night. Del Norte is Neil's home base and where he left poor Maggie May to sit after many frustrating days dealing with problem after problem.   

Maggie May, his 1980 Waggie he was rebuilding to be his "Home". She was going to make the trip with us but he had some issues with the engine.

We planned on spending a day or two...

Gateway to the West December 19 2019, 0 Comments

DAY 12

Neil and I woke up to the sounds of the Tennessee River. It was so refreshing to be able to breath in all the peace and serenity in the mornings. It was so good for my soul.

We met up that morning with Sam at the Outpost for a good ole' home cooked breakfast. Then we sat down with Sam to talk about the Trans America Trail. 

As we were getting ready to head...

Meeting the Founder of the TAT December 18 2019, 0 Comments

DAY 11

Wheeling the Trans America Trail was a bucket list item of Neil's for about ten years. He was very excited to be on the trail but even more excited to meet Sam Corerro the founder of the Trans America Trail.  The first half of our adventure was on the East Coast part of the TAT. We drove old forest roads and through national parks. It was so peaceful to be the only ones on the road.

Back in...

Jack Daniel's Tour December 05 2019, 0 Comments

Day 10

The cool thing about Neil is he doesn't stay angry. The night before we had a disagreement. Setting up the campsite was tense, you could feel the tension in the air. However, the next morning all was good.

The disagreement we had was about we were going to camp. It was about midnight when we were ready to put up the tent as we were trying to get as far into Tennessee as we could. 

I wanted to...
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