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Taking out the Garbage January 20 2022, 7 Comments

Part of healing is getting rid of left over beliefs. This new mindset helps with the healing process which improves your health and peace of mind. I am in the process of healing from a relationship loss, community loss, and loss of friendships. Most people go through these changes many times through out their lives. Loss is a normal part of life. However, sometimes the loss involves more.  


Self-Image December 29 2021, 0 Comments

 Pilgrimage of Healing my Heart, Mind and Soul - Day 38

I know there are people out there wondering what are you healing from? 
A break up? Break ups happen all the time. They are a normal part of life. That is true. 

However, not all relationships are "normal". As I research to try to get answers to understand why I feel the way I do, I am finding mine was certainly far from normal, but not rare....

Self-Value December 09 2021, 0 Comments

Pilgrimage to Healing My Heart, Mind and Soul Day 21

In a previous post I shared how Self-Worth is the back bone of your "selfs". An important part of healing from emotional abuse is knowing you are worth. You need to know you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect. Self-Worth along with Self-Value are integral roles in how you see and treat yourself in everyday life. 

We have all...

How To Find Your Passion November 29 2021, 0 Comments

Ten years ago, before Jeep, a real struggle in my life began. So much was changing for me. My two boys were getting older, not needing me like they used to. I was burned out from several years of volunteering with various groups my kids were involved in. I was exhausted from making sure my dyslexic son was getting what he needed in school. And... I was realizing I was getting older, my body was...

Taking Responsibility November 22 2021, 0 Comments

Pilgrimage to Heal My Heart, Mind & Soul - Day 5

Life is a series of ups and downs. We all experience hurt and heartache, as well as joy and happiness. We have people who come into our lives who are not so nice to us, and people who lift us up and fill our cups. 

Our world has changed dramatically since I was a little kid. With the explosion of the internet then social media, a whole new set of...

Betrayal of a Friend October 24 2020, 0 Comments

One thing I have learned over the decades of friendships is the cliques and cat girl clashes from high school don't end there. High School is training you for what is to come. What you thought was mean in high school only gets meaner and more conniving as you get older. 

I have been betrayed by other females my whole life, which happens quite often to woman everywhere. From that mean note sent to...

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