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Jeep Momma - Blog

A Must Have February 09 2020, 0 Comments

During our adventure last fall, Neil and I had the opportunity to test out knives from L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives. Neil was really excited to be working with them, but I never understood people's fascination with knives. That all changed after the month long journey. 

We were given a personal knife each. Neil picked the Bushcrafter, and myself the Camp Muck. Wow, using this knife totally...

BYE-BYE Drama February 03 2020, 0 Comments


I'm going to start with the positive first. I had come back home from the East Coast two days early (see below). It was a quiet three days as Neil and I were doing our own thing.

On Thursday, we decided to take another field trip. We headed to Saguache to visit Jeep Enthusiast Terry Gillette and his collection of military Jeeps at the Jeep Rescue League. Video coming Soon! 

Then Friday, we...

Camper Life on a Budget January 15 2020, 0 Comments

We all have dreams and goals. My dream was to live the Jeep Life on the road. I had a goal, a plan to reach that goal. There were many steps in that plan to live my dream. 

Well, sometimes life throws a wrench into your plan, and you need to adapt. The wrench in my plan - I had to start this dream a couple years early. I wasn't financially or emotionally ready, which is okay. I will adapt. 


Hardest Week of My Life January 07 2020, 0 Comments

This new decade is going to bring exciting adventures, a new chapter in my life. I look forward to this new adventure, however, the first week of 2020 has been quite a struggle emotionally.

For years I have been having marital problems. As I struggled with my own issues of self-identity, my marriage also had it's issues. A few years ago we separated, but still lived together in our home. After...
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