Camper Life on a Budget January 15 2020, 0 Comments

We all have dreams and goals. My dream was to live the Jeep Life on the road. I had a goal, a plan to reach that goal. There were many steps in that plan to live my dream. 

Well, sometimes life throws a wrench into your plan, and you need to adapt. The wrench in my plan - I had to start this dream a couple years early. I wasn't financially or emotionally ready, which is okay. I will adapt. 

Starting this dream a little earlier than I planned means I have to work a little harder and wiser financially. 2020 the dream became a reality, I packed up what I could fit in my Jeep and headed West. 

I met up with Neil, my adventure partner. He bought a slide in camper with a 1997 Dodge 1500. The Camper / Jeep Life begins.

We are in the process of remodeling out new home at the same time living in it, and at the same time working to pay for our new life. Being thrown into this dream by skipping several planning steps makes it a little harder, but we will preserver.  

So here begins "Camper Build on a Budget".

Neil bought the camper about 2 weeks before I got to Del Norte, Colorado, our home base. He began by stripping the camper so we could begin our remodel. He started by...

He painted all the wood walls a slate gray, then he covered all the cabinet doors with a tye-dye fabric. He covered the cushions with new black fabric which were black table cloths.

He upgraded the electrical system from 15 amps to 30 amps. He did this by scouring a salvage yard for the new parts. He also found a water heater.

After moving the camper from inside a garage to the campground, we found it took a lot to heat the camper. We needed to wrap the outside to protect and insulate it from the Colorado cold. We were told another camper had just tossed his tarps, so I went dumpster diving to retrieve the tarp. 

What a difference it makes. We are using an electrical heater since electricity comes with the campground. The propane heater rarely comes on. So we only use the propane for cooking. The $25 heater beats $25 every two days to heat with propane. 

Neil is also in the process of making us a wet bath. He has begun the framing of the wet bath along with my closet which is a lot smaller from my former walk in closet. 
For now the wet bath will have to wait until we get the funds and the time. We are at a campground that has showers and a bathroom.

When you are on a budget you need to get creative. Neil is just that. He has been working hard at making our camper a home. He is very handy with great ideas. I was lucky to partner up with a such a good craftsman. Pluse he can fix my Jeep.

Camper Build on a Budget

1992 Slide in Camper - $500
1997 Dodge 1500 PickUp - $400
1 can of paint - $20
Curtains - Free
Fabric (Black table cloths) - $10 Amazonm
Tarp - Free
Water Heater - $15
Wood for framing - Free
New Mattress - $150
Spray Adhesive - $20 
Electrical Upgrade - Free
Electric heater - $25 Big R
Rugs for flooring - $20 Family Dollar
Baskets (10) - $10 Dollar Store