Taking out the Garbage January 20 2022, 7 Comments

Part of healing is getting rid of left over beliefs. This new mindset helps with the healing process which improves your health and peace of mind. I am in the process of healing from a relationship loss, community loss, and loss of friendships. Most people go through these changes many times through out their lives. Loss is a normal part of life. However, sometimes the loss involves more.  

Some losses are more difficult to deal with dues to other circumstances such as emotional manipulation, addictions or physical abuse. Those losses can take longer to deal with and need professional help. 

As I work on my mental well being one of my paths is to educate myself and learn from other's who have been through the same type of loss. A good way to help accept the loss and move forward is to change your mindset.  

6 Mindset Changes I am Working Towards 

To stop blaming myself from not handling things better. 

To acknowledge what I went through.

To stop criticizing myself for being too emotional.

To stop shaming myself for being too needy.

To stop criticizing myself for not getting over it faster.