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Pilgrimage of Healing My Heart, Mind and Soul - Day 32

With the New Year upon us, traditionally it is time to come up with a New Year's Resolution. Typically these rarely work because we set big, overly ambitious resolutions. They become overwhelming and too much, so we give up on them. 

The same goes with creating your bucket list. There are lists all over the internet of unattainable ideas for us average folk. We would all love to see these exciting places in the world, but who has that kind of money and time? All you do is set yourself up for disappointment in creating an unrealistic "Bucket List" and unrealistic "Goals or Resolutions".

See My Adventure Bucket List Below

I look at my goals and bucket list the same way. I create attainable, short-term goals and adventures that are quick wins that leave me feeling accomplished. Feeling good about yourself is good for the mind and soul which motivates you to do more.

I like to set goals that are simple, measurable and attainable. In my past experiences, small, short-term goals are much easier to accomplish than big out of this world goal. I also update my goals every couple of months. It is good to re-evaluate them periodically.

Short-term Goal

Short term goals can help you achieve your "bigger" goals. They are called short for a reason, because you can accomplish them in a quick time frame. By understanding how the brain processes success and failure helps you jump start your productivity to create winning ways. These winning ways help put an end to failed New Year's Resolutions. These small wins propel you to bigger successes. 

The more times you succeed at something, the longer your brain stores the information that allowed you to do so well in the first place. That’s because with each success, our brain releases a chemical called dopamine. When dopamine flows into the brain's reward pathway (the part responsible for pleasure, learning and motivation), we not only feel greater concentration but are inspired to re-experience the activity that caused the chemical release in the first place."  


29 Goals for a Fulfilling Life - Click Here

Psychologists studied good goal-making and found the S.M.A.R.T. goal technique as successful

Simple: Make it straightforward with few words. More than that will begin to feel overwhelming.

Measurable: Your goal should be easily quantifiable. Find a way to tell whether you’re doing it or not and track that.

Attainable: Be reasonable with yourself: It’s great to be ambitious in the long term, but short-term goals should be achievable steps toward growth.

Relevant: Why is this goal important? Does it enhance or conflict with larger goals? Does it align with your current physical, mental, or financial reality?

Time-based: Goals should have a time frame assigned to them so you can adjust or improve as you go


Attainable Bucket List Ideas for the New Year to get you started

1. Make a drastic change- cut your hair, move, paint your nails black instead of red. 

2. Leave your mark somewhere cool. Leave A Legacy Click Here

3. Adopt a pet from a shelter.

4. Set a goal and meet it. It could be a small goal to get you started to that feeling of accomplishment. If you are trying to get healthy you might set the goal of drink only water for that week. 

5. Face at least one of your fears, no matter how stupid.

6. Buy someone a drink from across the bar.

7. Get a pen pal, the old fashioned way by writing letters and mailing them.

8. Learn a weird skill like juggling, or how to moon walk - Click Here for more ideas 

9. Have a picnic.

10. Make your own bucket list.

I recently checked off "Standing on the Corner of Winslow, Arizona", the "River-
walk" in San Antonio, and Sturgis (not during Bike Week). They weren't extravagant adventures but I got to at least visit these places. I would like to go back to all three of these places one day. Check out Jeep Momma's Top 5 Must See Towns Across America

Jeep Momma's Top 10 Must See Towns Across America

Jeep Momma Adventure Bucket List Ideas

Yellowstone National Park
Grand Tetons
Bryce National Park
Crater of the Moon
The Alamo
Zion National Park
Mount Rainier
Olympic National Park
Cannon Beach
Crater Lake
Winslow, Arizona
Death Valley
The Keys
Mount Washington
North Rim Grand Canyon
White Pocket, Arizona
Crawl Daddy at Rausch Creek
Rock Creek at Rausch Creek
Wheel the Kentucky Adventure Trail
Off Road at Windrock Off-Road Park
Overland thru Canada to Alaska
Biker Week in Sturgis
Hike Old Rag
Hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail
Gold Mine in Alaska
Visit a "Dude Ranch"
Hike & Wheel Big Bend National Park
Visit My Family Farm in Norway