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Just Do It Yourself July 02 2019, 0 Comments

When I came home from a weekend of wheeling I noticed what I suspected to be a differential leak. Upon further investigation at least 6 of the 10 bolts where loose. 

Then I noticed the bolts in the front were different from the rear. The rear were hex head bolts with washers. The front were allen head with no washers. 

I had installed my rear differential cover myself.

Radiator and other Jeep Leaks to Look Out For June 18 2019, 0 Comments

I took my Jeep into Adrenaline Off-Road to get my rear brake pads changed. I was looking forward to learning the "How To Change Your Brake Pads".  The first thing Jeff, the owner, noticed was the coolant smell. We got under my Jeep and saw coolant build up on the bottom of my radiator. 

Time for a replacement. I went back a week later once the new radiator arrived to learn the "How To Replace a...

Importance of Keeping Your Jeep Clean May 23 2019, 0 Comments

                                                                                              A Dirty Jeep is a Happy Jeep they say. While this is true, your Jeep likes a good bath as well. 

It is very important to get the mud, dirt, and salt off your Jeep after a day on the trails or beach. Even in the wintertime after a salt dump on the roads. All those elements play havoc on those precious Jeep...

On My 3rd Steering Stabilizer May 16 2019, 0 Comments

Back in 2016 was my "big" first trail damage. 

Blog Post October 2016

It was my stock stabilizer and was easily fixable on the trail. However, the ding to the rock caused a slow leak which meant replacement time. I bought a stabilizer that was seated above the draglink to get it out of the way of those pesky rocks.   

A year after the new stabilizer was installed I...

Rust Prevention Part 2 - You Tube Video April 04 2019, 0 Comments

60 Days of Reflection - Day 50 Look Back

This seems to be a never ending problem for me. RUST!!! I keep looking for a full proof solution. This is my second part to rust prevention. I will be doing part 3 this spring.  

Top 5 Tips to Winterize your Off Road Jeep Wrangler - You Tube Video April 01 2019, 0 Comments

60 Days of Reflection - Day 47 Look Back

Each season there are steps you need to take to protect your Jeep to give it a longer life! This video I share my Top 5 tips to winterize your Jeep.  

"How To" Swap Out OEM Diff Covers - You Tube Video March 22 2019, 0 Comments

60 Days of Reflection - Day 37 Look Back

If I can upgrade and swap out my OEM Differential Covers with aftermarket covers, anyone can. It's so simple and easy. And once you do it you will feel empowered to tackle your next upgrade.  

Jeep Wrangler "How To" Shift to 4Low - You Tube Video March 17 2019, 0 Comments

60 Days of Reflection - Day 32 Look Back

My "How To" series is a popular series among new Jeepers everywhere. Just because you buy a Jeep doesn't mean you know what to do in every situation. Some dealerships don't even give you a manual. It took me a while to figure out how to get my Jeep into 4 lo the right way with out grinding my gears.    

Jeep Wrangler "How To" Find Your Drain Plugs - You Tube Video March 15 2019, 0 Comments

60 Days of Reflection - Day 30 Look Back

There is so much they don't tell you when you buy your Jeep. So I figured if I didn't know about drain plugs or where to find them others must be in the same boat. So I decided to share my knowledge. 

How to Remove Rust - Testing out 5 Products You Tube Video March 13 2019, 1 Comment

60 Days of Reflection - Day 28 Look Back

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, getting advice on social media or forums is hit or miss. I decided to check out all the suggestions for rust removal from my steel bumper and share with you which worked the best. 

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