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60 Days of Reflection - Day 9 Look Back February 22 2019, 0 Comments

Another collaboration video. This time with Nate SWBCrawler. Nate has so much great Jeep information in his head, and his information is so helpful to a Jeeper on a budget. Jeepers do love to see how other Jeepers are modding their Jeeps and how they deal with the storage. 

This video is longer than most, but it's a highly viewed video. I wonder if I need longer than four minute videos?  Looks like...

60 Days of Reflection - Day 8 Look Back February 21 2019, 0 Comments

This was my first collaboration video, guy suggested accessories and gal suggested accessories. I asked CPO from O3DJeeps for his suggestions. This was a fun video to make. 

My lighting needs some work, which I have purchased lights to help me out in the garage. Plus, the graphics I used where so 1980's  

60 Days of Reflection - Day 7 Look Back February 20 2019, 0 Comments

Ugh... This is when I had a bad haircut! After 16 years with my hairdresser she really butchered my hair. Okay, yeah... back to Jeeps. 

This was a good video sharing the Jeep Hacks I first learned when I bought my Jeep. I like how I was conversational in the Cool Jeep Tips part of the video. 

60 Days of Reflection - Day 6 Look Back February 20 2019, 0 Comments

Today's V-log "Look Back" was a good one to reflect upon. Even though I still need to work on my delivery, this story is a significant story to share. It helped remind me the importance of passing on my knowledge and experience to others, to give back and help others get on the right path to many successful off road adventures.   

I feel very passionate about the importance of proper training...

60 Days of Reflection - Day 5 Look Back February 18 2019, 0 Comments

I am still using those silly music "blips". I really like doing the vendor Shout Outs. I may have to thinking about doing that on a monthly basis. 

I am constantly being asked where I bought my purple Jeep Accessories. Sadly, that isn't a color that sells so I have to use spray paint for most of my accessories. However, it is super easy to do. I am always on the look out for easy ways to add color...

60 Days of Reflection - Day 4 Look Back February 17 2019, 0 Comments

Watching my first few videos has given me ideas for futures videos which is a good thing. I also see myself improving on my delivery. However my scripted "funny bits" are still kind of corny. 

I do feel like there is some good information in here for the Jeeper who is just starting out. I know when I started out I could of benefited from this information.


60 Days of Reflection - Day 3 Look Back February 16 2019, 0 Comments

Another day of reflection...

I really liked this video and the topics I picked. Once again I feel I should stick to one topic per video as it gets confusing. My one focus should have been the Top 5 Tips. Later on down the road, I actually did just stick with only the Top 5 tips on various topics.  I'm not so sure about the playing the music through out the whole video.I do like how I featured the...

60 Days of Reflection - Day 2 Look Back February 15 2019, 0 Comments

My Reflections on my second Jeep Momma's Garage Vlog. 
A couple of things stick out...

  • Stop throwing it out to myself in the garage from the studio. It's a little lame.
  • There seem to be too many topics. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I still like the idea, but maybe it would work better as a podcast type platform.    

The transfer knob shifter knob install video was one of my favorite videos...

3K GiveAway February 05 2019, 0 Comments

To thank YOU I am doing a YouTube Giveaway for reaching 3,000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel! 
Check out my YouTube video for details. 

  • Must live in the Continental US
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must comment in the comment section of the video before February 17, 2019 midnight Eastern Time
  • There are 10 winners 

Once the winners are announced Tuesday, February 19, 2019 in the description and comments,...

Smash the Subscribe Button! January 24 2018, 0 Comments

When you reach a certain threshold on YouTube you are able to monetize your videos. I have been earning a few bucks because I met that threshold. It hasn't been a whole lot of money over the past two years, but a little something to help with Jeep Parts. 

Now, YouTube has decided to change that threshold. You will need 1000 subscribers, and 4000 view hours per year. I make the view hours, but am...
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