Adams Xtreme Off Road Adventure Sponsors August 20 2019, 0 Comments

A Big Shout Out To These Awesome Companies! They have joined Team Jeep Momma & Neil as we journey the Trans American Trail on our Adams Xtreme Off Road Adventure.

Adams Xtreme Motorsports

This is where I bought my Rubicon. The shop also installed my lift and tires in 2016. I have been super pleased with their work. 

Neil & I are both running their driveshafts in our Jeeps. I have the front and Neil is running front and rear.

Neil and I are both running their headlights.

A woman owned and operated Jeep Aftermarket company, designing and creating inner fender liners. Jeep Girls Rock!!!

Additives that improve the longevity of your engine & moving parts. Neil and I are both using these additives.

So glad I found this shop just minutes from my house! They specialize in Jeeps!