Are angels whispering guidance to me on my life's journey? February 25 2014, 0 Comments

Why do I seem to glance at the clock and it's 1:11 or 11:11? Lately, this has been happening to me a lot. Childhood stories of folklore said to make a wish. I would make a wish every time. Right? Why? Why make a wish? Why do I keep seeing this time. So I did the next best thing and googled it because that's what we do when we don't know. Right?  

There are many different interpretations why some of us see repeated numbers again and again -- A glitch in the matrix, global phenomenon, Angels whispering to bring attention to something important happening in our life, a window opening up in our life or the whole idea of numerology. Truly all of this falls back to faith. What do you want to believe? 

For years our pastor has been guiding us on how to listen for God's call. He would tell us God is talking to us right now.  I wondered why I didn't hear him. I never quite understood how to "hear" God talking. Until recently. I heard the story about the man who fell in a hole. He was waiting for God to rescue him out of the hole.  A fireman, construction worker and others came to the man's rescue. The man kept saying no thanks he was waiting for God to save him. The man ended up dying. When he went to heaven he asked God "Why didn't you save me?" God replied, "I sent a fireman, construction worker..." 

It's all about the signs and signals sent to us. It's not about listening to hear words but opening up our eyes and minds to see what he (or a higher power) is telling us.

Now that I'm more aware, I see 11's everywhere. Is it just a coincidence? I don't know. Maybe. Is it a sign of something better to come? Could be. 

I decided to take a chance. For the first time ever I bought lottery tickets. 11 lottery tickets at the 7-11 on 2-22-14 (2+2+2+1+4=11). Not even close. No winners. 

I'm thinking the angels have a more important mission than helping me win the lottery. So at this moment in my life I will have faith that something more powerful than myself is guiding me on this new journey in my life. 

The number 11 is a powerful number in the numerology world. 11, 111 and 1111 are also an important Angel number. Some of the meaning behind the numbers tell us to follow intuition and inner feelings and to trust in yourself. 

It does seem quite coincidental that I'm seeing these signs now as I try to find a new purpose in my life. There has got to be more than it's just 1:11 in the afternoon. Maybe I have a guardian angel whispering guidance to me on this journey. And maybe I don't.  But I like to believe there is something more out there. Something bigger than me.  A purpose for my life. So I will continue to strive forward, trust in myself and listen to those inner intuitions. Woman's intuition... Hmmm maybe there is something there. 

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