Axle Lock - Lockers - Confusion November 18 2014, 0 Comments

When I traded in my Sahara for the Rubicon the two features I was looking forward to using were those two magic buttons to the left of the steering wheel - Sway Bar & Axle Lock.

Last Saturday, I tried out that magic disco button, and was amazed at the difference. However, I did not push the axle lock button. I did not feel I needed to use it. 

I was taught it was to be used in times of needing more traction when you get into a stuck situation, or you need that extra traction going up a hill. I have been asked several times since I got back from that trip, if I used my lockers. I said no, and was returned with confused looks. 

Maybe I am not truly understanding this feature to it's fullest. I understand the concept behind the axles, but I guess I will need to do a little more research. 

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