Busy, Busy Jeep Mom May 19 2016, 0 Comments

Wow!!!!  What a whirlwind of a week its been. I am so excited to share all the awesome things that happened. But I have to get ready for the Jeep Talk Show Podcast which we record live in three hours at 11pm eastern time. 

You should join us at JeepTalkShow.com, or you can download episode 229 on Monday. I will be sharing my story about picking up my newly lifted Jeep with my co-hosts Tony and Josh. 

Stay tuned to my blog when next week I will share my most amazing meet up in the Acadia National Park.

Plus, I finally picked up my newly lifted Jeep. Find out how it went.

And all the items I was able to check off my 50 Before 50 list while on my weekend getaway with my sister.

Oh, and in between my vacation and getting my Jeep lifted, I snuck in a tattoo, okay two tattoos. I finally got a Jeep tattoo.