Epic Off Road Adventure - Getting Organized August 12 2019, 0 Comments

Your path in life can quickly change right before your eyes. 

At the beginning of the summer, I was looking forward to my many mini-off road trips that I planned. Now those plans have been postponed because of a new path. 

Back in June, I ran across a fellow Jeeper by chance. We had been friends on Facebook since 2017, but never engaged. Now we talk every day, and are planning a shared desire. That desire is to overland across America in our Jeeps. 

Neil told me his number one bucket list item was to traverse the Trans American Trail. I instantly jumped aboard and became his partner to wheel across the country. 

We began planning and the trip has evolved into a month long journey this October. We both realize how short life can be and while we can, we are going on this epic endeavor.

Neil is currently living in his XJ, UndercoverXJ, out West. He recently purchased a 1980's Wagoneer, he affectionately named Maggie May. He is in the process of restoring her with a little old and some new. My fingers are crossed he finishes her in time for the trip.  

I first revealed Jeep Momma and Neil's Epic Off Road Adventure on YouTube.  Secret Revealed   

I will continue to share the steps of this journey with YouTube Videos plus live Vlogs of the status of the trip. 

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There are a lot of things to get done between now and then. First, I need to prep my Jeep. It needs to be my home away from home for a month. 

Second, planning the route. We are excited to be able to meet up with fellow Jeepers we have met through social media. Our first stop will be in Virginia at the home of a Jeeper I met on YouTube. 

Then if the timing is right, we will make a stop in Tupelo, Mississippi to meet a Jeep girl I also met on YouTube. 

While we are traveling the TAT we are not bound to it. We are using it as a guideline. However, we want to get out West as fast as possible as that's where the fun will begin. 

Our hopes are to get to Moab, California and Arizona. 

The first step in my Jeep Prep is done. I took out the seats of my Jeep. That was difficult as the bolts were not moving an inch until Neil gave me a little tip. I attached a 3/16" socket to an extension onto the ratchet and it gave me more leverage and the bolts loosened no problem.

I took everything out of my Jeep and started over with storage. I picked what was essential to my needs on the road. My goal is to bring as little as I can and enjoy the trip.

My recovery gear was the first to go back in my Jeep. I like to store my recover strap, shackles and gloves under the drivers seat. This allows for easy access if I get stuck.

The tree saver, d-ring, snatch block and 2nd recover strap are under the passenger seat. Again for quick and easy access. 

Next I reorganized my tool bag by placing like tools in smaller bags. This is for quick and easy access on the road. Notice a theme? Quick, Easy, Simple! 

The Jeep Wranglers have a small "trunk" in the rear. This is where I am putting my "emergency" road gear like road flares, jumper cables and lug wrench. Everything grouped together for ease of access. 

I have begun to make a dent on my Home Away From Home. I still have a long ways to go but it's coming along. Next is my living quarters. I have ordered my bed and DIY curtains which is next weekends project. I am working on a shoestring budget so anyway I can cut corners is a must.

Stay tuned to the next YouTube Video where I introduce you to Maggie May!