Fire Safety October 08 2016, 0 Comments

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I am a strong believer in always being prepared. This comes in real handy when I hit the trails. A lesson I preach to my kids all the time. From being prepared for school to sleepovers at their friends houses to every day life to natural disasters. 

Riding out Hurricane Hugo in 1989 in Charleston then seeing the devastating aftermath to witnessing the horrible destruction of my dad's business to a fire made a huge impact on me in my younger years to always be prepared for the worse.

One way to prepare is to educate yourself. Since this coming week is National Fire Prevention Week it is always a good time to talk to your kids about fire safety. Since our boys have been in Boy Scouts each year we have a refresher talk about our family fire safety plan. For younger kids Sparky Schoolhouse is a great way to introduce fire safety to your children. 

As they get older it is harder and harder to get them to listen to the "same ole' talk". This video by Sparky Schoolhouse was a great intro into getting the conversation started. 

My family is big on trivia facts and history so this video was the perfect video for us to get the conversation started.   There are other great tools on this site that are geared to younger children. It is never to early to start talking about fire safety.  

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Some great tools to help making such a scary subject a little more fun. Sparky Lessons for teachers too!