Foto Friday - Winter Sunset in Maryland March 14 2014, 0 Comments

Making Time for those Moments in Time!

Last week while I was making dinner I noticed the beautiful sunset out the kitchen window. It was a colorful sunset and it would have made a great picture. As I got back to frying up the hamburger I thought, "Don't let life get in the way!" So I quickly grabbed the camera and went outside to get a few shots. After experimenting with the aperture and shutter speed I headed back in to finish up dinner. I must have run in and out about ten times during that time while making dinner.

Squeezing in my passion for photography that night was a great lesson for me.  Not just gaining experience using my camera but a lesson on living in the moment. Time goes by too quickly and you can't get back that time nor those sunsets. I'm taking every advantange of the here and now. So what if dinner is a little late. I was enjoying myself and in the end very happy I stopped to take the time to get a few shots. Now I'm not looking back thinking I should have....  No Regrets!

And again I couldn't just post one photo for Friday's Foto of the Day!

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