It takes more than just a camera to make you a Photographer March 28 2014, 0 Comments


The winter doldrums have set in for me. I am growing tired of the cold grey days and would like to see the green buds start to sprout amongst the dingy brown branches covering our view. But no -- Old Man Winter doesn't know he has worn out his welcome and I believe Mother Nature has lost Spring.

The leafless trees, salt covered roads and white covered lands have broken my desire to take pictures. So I sit and wait like the rest of my fellow Northerners waiting for those first blooms of color to brighten out days. 

In the meantime I find myself IGing (on Instagram) more -- checking out other fellow photography enthusiasts' pictures. It seems now a days everyone is a photographer.

Everyone carries a camera with them ever where they go. Never has there been a time in our history where we have documented it so throughouly with pictures.

 But as I scroll through all the photos I realize it's not the camera that makes a good photographer it's the eye. Everyone can take a picture. But can everyone take good pictures. Or even great pictures for that matter.

So today I dedicate this post to the Phone Camera. All the pictures posted today are ones I took with my Iphone 5.

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