It's official... Jeep Momma Purple March 16 2016, 0 Comments

Yesterday I met up with CPO Chris Poldervaart from Jeeps Needs to pick up my D Lift Adaptor (DLA) in my very own color, Jeep Momma Purple.

What is a DLA? Click here

Last December I met with Chris for a demonstration of the DLA. Then I wrote a review on this new-to-the-market product.

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December 15, 2015

During that demonstration Chris and I found an issue with the DLA not working with my shackle/d-ring. Jeeps Needs made a slight adjustment to the opening to the DLA after our discovery, and because of my participation they wanted to thank me. So they added my very own color, Jeep Momma purple. 

I was able to pick out the purple they now offer in their color selection for the DLA.  So you too can have your very own Jeep Momma Purple DLA! 

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