Jeep Momma -- Abducted by Aliens ???!!! December 13 2013, 0 Comments

You always hear stories of people being abducted by aliens and then returned home unharmed.  And these abductees always talk about being probed and scanned by the aliens. Well, I think I figured out what happened to them -- an MRI.  I had one earlier this week. It was quite an experience -- a very "sitting on the edge of your seat" experience.  What I can't figure out is why -- in this age of technology -- is the machine so noisy.  And it's not just one specific noise.  There are all sorts of banging, humming, buzzing, & pounding sounds.

Since I had both a brain and lower back scan, I was pulled in and out of the tube four times -- each time I was in the tube for at least 15 minutes, one time 25 minutes.  The first time was very nerve racking --just the fear of the unknown and knowing you were enclosed in a tube.  Then when the noises started - OMG!  My eyes were squeezed shut, I didn't open them once. The anticipation of what noise was coming next was terrifying -- because if you moved -- you would have to start all over again. Well, by the third time I was an old pro.  No big deal. I just laid their and counted the sounds over and over again.   But I'll never want to do that EVER again.

So now, I sit and wait for the results. My brain went into overdrive. Of course I'm thinking cancer -- tumor. I'm a "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" type a person when it comes to health issues.  A friend told me to relax and take my mind off it - read, sleep or bake.

Bake -- me ---HA!  I never bake.  First off, it's too precise for me.  I'm more
of a dash of this, shake of that -- take a taste, add some more -- take another taste. Then... there is the whole little complex I have about baking. When I was in junior high, my Home Economics teacher was taste testing one of the muffins I baked.  She spit it out and said it was horrible, it tasted like soap.  Apparently, I measured wrong. The recipe asked for 1 teaspoon of baking soda, I added 1 tablespoon.  Oops!  Well, needless to say, this teacher's reaction defined me as a baker for the rest of my life.  Teachers sometimes don't realize what a profound effect they can have on their students, good and bad.

So now,  I decided to take baby steps with baking. I made some white chocolate clusters and fudge.  My husband told me NOT to make it ever again.  Not because it was bad -- but it was just that good.  It was all gone in a matter of two days --  we have gained a lot of weight from all that sugary yumminess! 

The baking -- as simple as it was -- worked.  It took my mind off the MRI and brought some happiness to my family at the same time.

The recipe for the white chocolate clusters is so very, very simple. 
  • Melt a bag of white chocolate chips in the microwave for two minutes. 
  • Then stir in your favorite snacks -- marshmallows, pretzels, crushed Oreos, peanuts, Carmel bites, toffee bits -- the list is endless. 
  • Then you drop a spoonful of the mixture onto wax paper and let harden. 
WAH-LAH!  I'm now a baker - HA! 

Maybe next time I'll use dark chocolate and some healthy non-sugary, non-starchy bits. The fudge is typical fudge recipe, but I layered the bottom of the pan with marshmallows before I poured the fudge. 

So the waiting is over -- at least for most of the results.  My back is pretty normal with minor arthritis -- which I knew.  Still unsure of the brain and my numbness in my arms.  The scans came back with an unusual amount of white spots which most likely is attributed to migraines -- which I had many, many years ago.  But just to be sure I will now have to see a neurologist. 

Man this getting old thing is scary.  Being in my 40's has taken on a whole new meaning with all the changes mentally and physically.  I can sure be exhausting, frustrating and sometimes depressing.  But as always hopping in my Jeep with the top down always brings back the happiness and youthful me!
Jeep -- It's not Just an Adventure!  It's a Good Life.