Jeep Momma Fills Up her Bucket..... List May 04 2014, 0 Comments

As I get older I seem to hear the term "Bucket List" get used more and more. A Bucket List is a list of goals you would like to complete before your time here on earth is done. A bucket list can be what ever you want it to be. But it's a list of your life goals. The goals can be anything...

~Things you want to see & do
~Things you want to accomplish
~Things that bring joy to others
~Things that help you find your joy & happiness

Whatever your reasoning you should start your list. Then get working on it. I did and am. A bucket list is always a work in progress. I am continually checking my list, adding to it, and checking items off . Sometimes even taking off items I haven't completed because they are no longer necessary in my life. The Bucket List evolves as we do, as we experience more and more and grow and become better people.

My original list I made last summer started out as a list of ten items. I then added five more a couple months later. Out of those 15 items I have accomplished ten and will finish up two more this month. I am taking one off the list as it's no longer a goal for me. I am moving on to bigger and better things.

Bucket List -- Check Complete!!
Swim in a lake -- It was a fear
Find a new hobby 
Camp at Swallow Falls
Canoe with my boys
Hike with my boys
Find a new friend
Run a 10K
Start a training regiment
Try a new Tex Mex restaurant
Take a new friend to new restaurant

My Bucket List Now
Take my Jeep Off Roadin'
Run the Warrior Dash
Hike Old Rag
Fight my fear of heights -- Ropes Course

Wow, my list is a little small now. I guess it's time to add to it. For the most part my list has been about things I want to accomplish. These goals made me feel stronger and more confidant. As I try to make myself a better person my list will become a little more complex as I add to it. 

So this weekend I started to search for new goals. My list is evolving now -- to see and do more. At first it was hard to come up with goals but I went to the good old trusty google and found millions of ideas. As I searched the world wide web it sparked so many things I want to add to my list. And now my list is beginning to grow as I will continue to grow as I check off my goals.

Jeep Momma's New and Improved Bucket List (in no particular order) 
~~Gold Mine in Alaska
~~Drive through the Redwood Forest
~~Canoe the Boundary Waters in Minnesota
~~Visit a "Dude Ranch" in Wyoming
~~Rock Crawl the Rubicon Trail
~~Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
~~Climb a Volcano in Hawaii
~~Revisit Yellowstone
~~Ride a Cable Car in San Fransisco
~~Camp in the Grand Canyon
~~Go on a Treasure Hunt
~~Go Dancing
~~Get Bigger Tires for My Jeep
~~Get EVO Sliders for My Jeep 
~~Join a monthly Poker Game
~~Find a Job I love
~~Release my Past
~~Get a Tattoo

I'm sure some of these items will remain on my list for quite sometime as they involve a lot of traveling and expense. So while I work towards those bigger goals I will continue to add smaller ones where I will continue to feel good and experience joy.  And of course their is my own private bucket list of inner goals -- not for sharing. We all need those self improvement goals to make ourselves better people. When we become better people we are happier.

So I encourage all of you to start your bucket list. Feel free to use some of my ides, create your own or google it. If you all ready have your bucket list please share some of your ideas. I may want to add those to my list.

Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -- 
-- The Jeep Momma Way! --