Jeep Momma - Getting Ready for My 1st 10K November 22 2013, 0 Comments

I've decided to amend my current bucket list to add "Run in My First 10k". The 10k I picked is in less than one week! Yikes!!! I'm a little nervous and I am a lot worried I might not be ready. So I'm making a list and will check it twice.

I have been running and lifting weights at the gym since April.  (That's when I decided I better start living healthier.) I also found a great running partner who inspired me to run the 10k.  She also keeps me motivated to keep running even when I feel like stopping. So since I have a less than a week to get ready I figured I'd better work on that list.
10k Are You Ready Checklist
1. Be able to run 6.2 miles - My running partner and I were able to do this last Sunday when we checked out the course.  We will go for it again this week.
 2. Strength training - I have been lifting weights at the gym and home three days a week now for over six months. My muscles are getting stronger and increasing a little bit every week. I can measure this with my new scale. It measures everything from BMI to body fat to muscle.   

3. Proper running shoes - I am testing out shoes I all ready have. So far my favorite ones are the one my dog chewed up.

4. Headgear - I will be wearing an headband from Under Armor. It's dry-fit and will keep my head dry and warm. It's suppose to be in the low 30's the day of the race.

5. Gloves - I will need two pair.  The first pair are a pair of Nike dry fit running gloves.  The second pair will allow me to us my iPhone while I run so I can monitor my pace.  
6. iPhone with Map My Run App - This is so I can monitor my pace.  I was thinking of getting a watch that would do the same thing.  But  -- since I'm pretty superstitious, I might just have to stick with what I am used to.
7. Layers of clothes - November gets quite chilly here but once you get running your body temperature ramps up.  Plus there is always a chance of a hot flash coming on so it's better to be prepared to take off some of those layers.
8. Hydrate  - It's good to start days before the race to make sure your body is all ready to go.

9. Healthy Eating - I know everyone says to load up on carbs before the big game or race.  Well -- I am going to have to skip this one.  I haven't been eating a lot of carbs for months.  The other night we went to a fundraiser dinner at an Italian restaurant.  I couldn't resist the pasta or bread.  BIG, BIG mistake.  So I will stick to my protein and vegies.
Well, that's it for now but I will be working on adding to that checklist.  If anyone out there has anything I should add please let me know.  This is my first ever 10K.  Plus I haven't run a race since my senior year in high school which was many years ago. So any great advice is appreciated. 
Back on the Road for my Next Adventure! Happy Trails!