Jeep Momma Venting - Can't Just Let it Go. April 11 2014, 0 Comments

I interupt this regularly scheduled blog post for an important announcement. 

Normally today's post would have been a showcase of my latest photos and an update on my passion for photography. With the arrival of the Spring colors I've been snapping quite a few photos. But something has been weighing on my mind lately that I need to get off my chest. Perhaps I should "let it go" but if you know me -- that's a very difficult thing to do.

I bought my Jeep -- a brand new 2013 Sahara Unlimited -- almost a year ago. The Jeep replaced the "grocery getter soccer mom" car we had. The Jeep became our family vehicle. I have never been so thrilled about a purchase of a vehicle before. It brought a new joy into my life and lifted my spirits. 

Getting old sucks and I was having a hard time dealing with it but the Jeep opened up doors that normally wouldn't have been there to open. 

I love to drive my Jeep in the summer with the top down and even in the winter with the top down. It's refreshing and energizing. Plus, I became part of a great family - the Jeep family. Huh?  You ask. Well it's a Jeep thing and most don't understand. 

However, since the purchase of my Jeep I have dealt with all those naysayers out there. Yes.. I know the Jeep is a gas guzzler! Yes... I know know it rides rough! Yes... I know I won't get to be a part the carpools anymore (YAY!). I've heard it all from it's not a practical car for a mom or a family to girls don't know how to drive a Jeep to it's unsafe. I get those looks at school drop off from other moms and dads as well. Yep people -- Mid-life crisis vehicle here -- and I love it! I just wish I would have become a part of this family years ago in my 20's!

I quickly got over those naysayers telling myself I don't really care what they think. I like my Jeep and my family like my Jeep. I have a good time driving it and it makes me happy.  

But what has pushed me over the edge are the naysayers within my own family -- the Jeep family. Here's what I say to you.

I love my JeepI am a big fan of the Jeep wave. I always give a wave or wave back.  I take my Jeep everywhere. I don't care if it's stock or modified or if I'm on the road or off the road. I LOVE MY JEEP!  

Look!!!  Here we are at the grocery store. 

And may I ask what is wrong with running daily errands in my Jeep.  A girl's gotta eat! 

Yep I pick my kids up at school -- IN MY JEEP

Oh and guess what... when I go workout I go to the gym IN MY JEEP! 

No, I haven't been mudding yet. No, I haven't been off roadin' either unless you count my front yard. 

And the shocker of it all is MY JEEP IS STOCK well except for the floor mats. What are you going to say about that - wait I don't care. 

I love ALL Jeeps stock or modified. I don't care if you go to the mountains of Colorado or deserts of the Arizona to drive your Jeep. You can pick up your kids, your groceries or your mail in your Jeep. I don't care. As long as you love driving your Jeep and have a good time that's all that matters. Oh wait there is one important thing that does matter to me -- the Jeep Wave. Please make sure you wave back.

So haters please quit hating on my stock, grocery getting, kid hauling, errand running Jeep. Someday we will hit the trails for some off road fun. But right now I'm going to take it slow and easy, put the top down and enjoy the wind in my hair and the sun of my face.     

And like my friends son always says. I don't fah-care what you think! It's my Jeep and I'm sticking to it. 

 Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life!-- The Jeep Momma Way!