Jeep Wrangler Grille Removal August 25 2016, 6 Comments

Just recently I added new LED headlights to my Jeep Wrangler. To install the headlights I had to remove the grille on my Rubicon, which I found to be a very easy process. At the beginning of my headlight install video I explain this simple process. 

I thought I would also share it hear on my blog because, since the install video, I have learned it can get much simpler. 

STEP 1 - Remove the six plastic fasteners & inserts at the top of the grille under the hood. 

In my headlight install video I explain this process by first removing the six plastic fasteners. Then removing the inserts. Well...a fellow Jeeper commented that they both can be removed at once. 

So when I had to re-adjust the headlights, I thought I would give that tip a try. It worked. You can remove both at once. 

However, one piece of advice, make sure you have your hand over the insert when popping it off with the flat head screwdriver. I didn't do this on one, and it went flying into the engine. Luckily for me, it fell thru all the way to the ground. 

Once the plastic fasteners are removed it's time to pull back on the grille. At the bottom of the grill are inserts that you can pop out of their slots by pulling on the grille. 

When I installed my head lights I just worked around the slightly pulled back grille. 

If you need to remove your grille all together there is just one more step. Unplug the blinker lights from the Jeep. 

Simple and Easy  just the way I like to do my installs! 

Disclaimer: Any advise and information provided on this blog should be verified by professional sources prior to making any changes or modifications to your vehicle.