Maggie May is Broken December 20 2019, 0 Comments

Day 13-14-15-16

Neil and I finally rolled into Del Norte, Colorado late in the night. Del Norte is Neil's home base and where he left poor Maggie May to sit after many frustrating days dealing with problem after problem.   

Maggie May, his 1980 Waggie he was rebuilding to be his "Home". She was going to make the trip with us but he had some issues with the engine.

We planned on spending a day or two to see if we could get her back up and running. After four days of working on Maggie May she still wasn't sounding right. So we made the decision to stay in my Jeep and tent camp for the rest of the trip. It had been working great so far.

During our time in Colorado I was able to meet Neil's friends and visit his hang outs. One favorite was the Pronghorn Trail which he spent many days and nights camped out on this trail.

YouTube Video - Pronghorn Trail  Coming Soon! 

We also snuck in a day of wheeling. I learned about Elephant Rocks and got to see Window Arch. We also "got lost" on some of the trails around Del Norte. It was actually very peaceful and fun to be "lost".

We spent three of the nights in a Hostel in Del Norte. My first experience in a hostel and it really wasn't a scary dangerous thing as some folks make it out to be. It was a very nice hostel, homey & comfortable. 

You definitely need to check it out if you are in the area. 

Things between Neil & I were beginning to get a little intense. I was ready to keep moving on in the adventure. 

Neil was determined to get Maggie may started as he wanted to take her on the trail with us. I totally understood his frustration as I couldn't even begin to imagine wheeling without my Jeep. Plus Maggie May is his home.

However, I felt the need to get back home to find a job and get my life straighten out. I knew drastic changes were ahead for me when I got back. My personal relationship had been struggling for years and I knew things were going to have to change for both our happiness and sanity.

And boy are they a changing... but that's a story for another time.  

I was ready to move on and Neil wanted to fix Maggie. The weather eventually made the decision for us as an Arctic blast was heading our way. So we headed Southwest the next morning.