My Jeep Suspension Fails May 23 2021, 0 Comments

Now that I have been working with Neil in the Garage, I am learning so much more about the inner workings of my Jeep. As my Jeep is getting older parts are starting to fail. One of the main reasons... my 3.5" lift and bigger tires. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon's come stock with 33 inch tires. If you don't upgrade other components in your Jeep when going "bigger" eventually your other stock parts will begin to fail. 

My front driveshaft was the first to start failing My Shaft's a Woody Blog Post

Before I left on my adventure in 2019, I had to replace the ball joints. Then last year my driver's side front wheel bearing was replaced, and most recently my sterring knuckle. The hole where the tie rod end is inserted was wallowed out. This caused some really bad tread wear on my tires, and ended up having to replace my tires as well.  

During the replacement of my steering knuckle, Neil shared some great tips with me to diagnose all those wobbles, wiggles and noises. We posted a video on YouTube. This is a must to help catch problems before they become disasters. 

Top 5 Jeep Suspension Fails with Neil