New Off-Road Antenna September 07 2016, 0 Comments

One of my birthday gifts was the Off Road AntennaX. This is one Jeep item I might not have ever bought for my Jeep. Well, maybe eventually, when I ran out of other Jeep Parts to buy. But for me this wasn't at the top of my Jeep Wish List. However, I am really glad I got it.

Now I don't need to listen to the stock antenna every time I drive into my garage as it hits the garage door! Nor do I have to worry about this 13 inch antenna getting snagged when I'm off roading. My stock antenna always would get caught up in those branches along the trails. 

This Plug-n-Play antenna is super easy to install; less than five minutes. All you need is an open end wrench to help loosen the stock antenna. I needed my Mechanix work gloves to help me tighten the new antenna. I needed a little extra grip.  

I think the sleek look of the black weather resistant antenna makes my Jeep look a little more bad ass. So far I have had not reception issues. Nor does it affect blue-tooth or Sirius XM.

This is one Jeep Part I should have bought a long time ago. It only sells for $17 but I was lucky enough to get is as a gift for my birthday.