Rubicon Trail Day One August 03 2020, 0 Comments

Finally the Rubicon Trail! I made it!

We left Colorado with my two boys, our dog Dixie, and two Jeeps, my 2015 Rubicon and our 1969 CJ5. We knew it would be a long couple of days with the slow go of the CJ5. What we didn't know was the struggle this Jeep would have on the trail. 

Neil is an amazing wheeler and has the ability to get any Jeep through an obstacle. We saw that amazing ability in Kingman, Arizona with Ms. Daisy. I had every confidence we would get Bumblebee through the trail.

Monday morning was trail day. We woke with anticipation and excitement for finally getting to  wheel the Rubicon Trail. We made a parts store pit stop and filled up the Jeeps with gas. Then headed up Icehouse Road to the Loon Lake Trail head.

Before we made it to the trailhead Bumblebee needed a trail fix. Neil sat on the side of the road rebuilding the carberator. My heart ached for him. I knew he was extremely frustrated. 

Icehouse Road

He was so excited to wheel the Rubicon Trail. He had tried a couple of other times but never made it on to the trail. I knew how much this meant to him.

I was also frustrated because of the delay and could sense the frustration levels from the crew we were wheeling with. Since this was our event, I felt responsible for their trip too. That's just my nature. To worry about everyone else's happiness and good time. Something I am working on changing.

Then with my boys wheeling with us, I wanted it to be a good time for them as well. This was my first time with both of them in months. It was an extremely tense for me trying to make everyone else happy. 

A lesson I learned on this trip is not to use used metal gas cans. We got them from a friend and who knows what was in them during their lifetime. It is my belief this is what our problem was with the CJ5's engine. 

Finally with the carberator rebuilt it was on to the Rubicon Trail head at Loon Lake . We made it there around mid afternoon. Several hours off schedule. However, that was okay.

During my other adventures with Neil I learned the value of letting the adventure lead you. So I took a deep breath and vowed to enjoy the Rubicon Trail where ever it may lead.  

After a short stint from the trail head we arrived at the Gatekeeper. We all made it through with Bumblebee needing a small trail fix which Neil fixed easily.

After the Gatekeeper it was on to the Granite Bowl. What amazing views.

We didn't make it as far as we had planned but that was okay because we were on the Rubicon Trail. We set up camp that night and listened to the frogs in the near by lake.