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Rubicon Trail: Final Day November 11 2020, 0 Comments

Day Four on the Rubicon Trail, our last day on the iconic 4x4 trail. It didn't turn out how we expected, but it was meant to be. The day before we had to leave our CJ5 on the trail because it had engine issues and wouldn't start. It was a difficult decision for Neil and I which eventually changed our relationship. 

Mending Fences - Blog Post

Early that morning we left the coolest camping spot on...

A New Wheeling Experience July 10 2019, 0 Comments

Finally after five years of wheeling, I made it to Gore, Virginia to take my Jeep off-roading. I've heard about the place many times, but never found my way there for several reasons.

I always heard they wheeled hard and breakage was not an issue. I also heard the trails were mainly for big rock crawlers. Now I can put those fears to rest. The Cove Campground outside of Gore, Virginia is a great...

You Asked For It - You Got It! June 25 2019, 0 Comments

My YouTube Subscribers have been asking for videos of wheeling in my Jeep from the outside of my Jeep. I am usually wheeling single, so to get video outside of my Jeep can be difficult. 

I know I could set up the camera outside of the Jeep, but I don't want to hold up the group. So every once in a while I get another Jeeper to shoot the video.

I was lucky enough to find someone to do that during the...

Uwharrie Off Road Fun! May 28 2019, 0 Comments

Expect the Unexpected! 

This is something every off-roader should be prepared for when they hit the trails. It's one thing I learned when I wheeled in Uwharrie during the Carolina Trails Off Road Spring Invasion. 

In May of 2018, I wheeled the three "D" trails at Uwharrie; Dickey Bell, Dutch John and Daniel. Those three trails are the most difficult trails there. This year I decided to wheel the...

Trail Guide Training Class April 30 2019, 0 Comments

What a journey the past five years has been. My first off road experience was with Kyle from Off-Road Consulting. The private 101 off-road driving course I took was just the beginning of a great addiction. My new passion...  My new hobby... 

My last off-roading experience a couple of weeks ago was again with Kyle. This time it was a trail guide training class with some great women I have met over...

Learning to Be More Flexible April 16 2019, 0 Comments

Part of my Jeep Journey has been discovering the importance of being flexible. I am a pretty OCD person. I make lists. I make plans. I would get frustrated if my plans were not followed to a tee. I have realized over the years this only leads to my disappointment.   

I would drive my family crazy on vacations making sure we followed my itinerary. Since my soul searching journey of six years, I have...

Top 5 Tips while your waiting to traverse the Off Road Obstacle - You Tube Video April 13 2019, 0 Comments

60 Days of Reflection - Day 58 Look Back

During my 60 Days of Reflection I realized this topic was one that needed it's own video. It was one of my first videos with several other topics so I re-edited it.

Top 5 Basic Fundamental Jeep Wrangler Off Road Tips - You Tube Video April 12 2019, 0 Comments

60 Days of Reflection - Day 57 Look Back

During my 60 Days of Reflection I realized this topic was another one that needed updating as I learn new things. Top 5 Off Road Tips Updated.

Off Road Basics - You Tube Video March 31 2019, 0 Comments

60 Days of Reflection - Day 46 Look Back

My Top 5 Basic Off Roading Tips I wish I would of known when I first went off-roading. 

Top 5 Trail Etiquette Tips for Off Roading - You Tube Video March 30 2019, 0 Comments

60 Days of Reflection - Day 45 Look Back

Now that the temperatures are getting warmer - we hope - it means more nice days to hit the trails. When you are off road there is trail etiquette you need to follow. I give you the Top 5 Most Important Etiquette you need to follow. 

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