You Asked For It - You Got It! June 25 2019, 0 Comments

My YouTube Subscribers have been asking for videos of wheeling in my Jeep from the outside of my Jeep. I am usually wheeling single, so to get video outside of my Jeep can be difficult. 

I know I could set up the camera outside of the Jeep, but I don't want to hold up the group. So every once in a while I get another Jeeper to shoot the video.

I was lucky enough to find someone to do that during the Krawlin' For Cops charity wheeling event I attended. Check out my YouTube Videos below. 

Two different versions of the same trail. One is from inside of the Jeep, Dash Cam view. The other video is a view from the outside of my Jeep. Black Trail 17 is an uphill rock climb. At the time the trail was somewhat wet from early morning rains.  

 Black Trail 17 YouTube Video

Black Trail 17 Dash Cam YouTube Video 

I am always looking for a videographer to sit shot gun with me. It's always nice to have video of my Jeep from the outside of the Jeep.