Time for a Getaway January 25 2020, 0 Comments

WEEK 4 Neil had been working diligently, and super long hours to keep us going and working towards the future. This man knows a good deal when he sees it and is constantly on the go juggling many projects. 

After weeks of non-stop on the go we decided to take a side trip to meet a new friend, Bob with BC Vintage Jeeps. 

Blog Post and YouTube video coming soon.

We drove up to Delta, Colorado after dropping off a transfer case to a buyer. Again the views were amazing, but what do expect... everywhere you go in Colorado it's spectacular, pictures nor videos do the beauty justice.  

Our drive back to Delta was a little different. It was suggested we go through Black Canyon National Park. OMG!!! What an amazing ride. The Canyon was beyond amazing. I highly recommend this drive. 

I did however have a meltdown. My fear of heights kicked in. Neil was not happy, and shared I ruined to ride. Fear of heights is something I need to work on. My fear is a little more than just a fear of heights. I freeze up. I do want to do the ride again as I know it will be different. 

There was another part of the ride that I was looking forward to seeing, but the days are too short and the sun went down. We ended up driving a scenic route in the dark. I need to be more aware when navigating. 

The end of the week was something I was looking forward to, but at the same time hesitant about; flying back home to see my kids. I was looking forward to seeing them. I missed them more that words can describe. I knew things would be different and hard. That's why I was hesitant. 

I know change is hard at the same time good, but this change was extremely hard. I was a guest in my own home. My home I made for my family. A home I built for 14 years. As a mom that's a tough one to except. The first day there was hard as I was drained. I had been on a plane trip all night and then spent the next day with little to no sleep. It was nice to hang with my kids, but I needed to sleep. After a good night sleep it was much better, hard but better. 

Another couple of days with my kids then back to my life and getting it straighten out so I can move on.