Top 5 Must Try Drinks on Bourbon Street December 06 2018, 8 Comments

~ The heart of New Orleans, Louisiana ~ 
Known for it's Mardi Gras party all year long

The street is lined with bars, strip clubs, restaurants, shops and "take out" bars. Not only can you party to the wee hours of the morning you can drink in the streets. If you haven't finished your drink just take it with you as you hop on over to the next bar. A lot of the establishments let you bring in the drink from your previous stop.

First thing we did when we hit Bourbon Street at about 10am was find the nearest bar for the first of many drinks we consumed. Most all of these drinks were sugary cold refreshing drinks perfect for those hot summer days in New Orleans.

Here are the Top 5 "Must Try" Drinks on Bourbon Street every first- time tourist must try. 
Note: You must pace yourself and hydrate as you drink the day and night away! You certainly don't want to miss a minute of all the shenanigans Bourbon Street has to offer. 

Our first stop was Fais Deaux Deaux for the Fish Bowl, $10, a super fair price for the amount you get. Since it was our first stop and it was before noon the three of us shared this drink. 

A plastic fish bowl with a lid, straw and strap comes in only one flavor ~ red fruit punch.

It's a version of "Jungle Juice" just like the days of College or High School for some, filled with fruit juices (fruit punch), Vodka, Tequila, Rum, and Everclear.  

Our next stop was all the way at the other end of Bourbon Street, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar, known as haunted venue in on Bourbon Street. Also the oldest bar in America since 1722 surviving two great fires. 

The building is a National Historic Landmark. I loved interior atmosphere that transports you back hundreds of years, and the party at night flows into the street. One of my favorites as we ended up stopping at this bar four times that weekend. 

Of course while you are there you have to try the Purple VooDoo Daiquiri. A grape slushy with everclear, $9. Yummy, Yummy for the tummy especially on a hot New Orleans day. 

Next stop the Tropical Isle Bar ~ pretty close to the center of Bourbon Street  ~ for a Hand Grenade. This drink is trademarked and only allowed to be sold in bars associated with the drink. It's a melon flavored slushy with several different clear alcohols and a melon flavored liqueur. You can get it as a slushy or on the rocks. We preferred the slushy. 

It comes in a plastic green hand grenade type cylinder with a tiny plastic hand grenade on top. This was one of my favs. Another refreshing drink on a hot New Orleans day. 

We also made several stops at this bar, which by the way has a balcony you can hang out on to throw beads at the passerby's.  At one point I needed to use the restroom. When I came back to the bar my niece had a surprise for me. I sauntered up to the bar, the bartender started ringing a bell and blowing a whistle really loud. It was craziness as I was trying to figure out what was going on. 

Then the bartender shoved a drink towards me, took a plastic shark and turned it upside down in my drink. The Shark Attack! As the shark was shoved in the drink a red liquid ~ alligator blood ~ poured into the drink. At that moment it was time to drink.

Let's just say it's a very lemony drink.

And of course there is the Hurricane which is one of the more famous New Orleans drinks. There are several places that serve a "Hurricane" but they all have different recipes. Typically a Hurricane is a rum drink. We picked up our Hurricanes at the VooDoo Lounge

It was a buy one get one free, $12,  with the price of our Vampires and Ghosts walking tour ticket. The walking tour starts at this bar and you can bring your drink along on the tour.  

I am sure there are many other "specialty drinks" in the French Quarter. It would take you weeks to try out all the great places the area has to offer. All the streets up and down the French Quarter are littered with bars. And don't forget Frenchman Street with the live jazz. So many stops so little time!  

The one place I wanted to try out but just too overwhelmed was the Old Absinthe House. Another historic place on Bourbon Street rich with American history. This is not your typical sugary-drink glitzy bar. 

So until next time New Orleans, I will be coming back!