What's in Your Jeep? Are you Prepared? May 07 2014, 0 Comments

My family is an active Boy Scout family. The motto for the Boy Scouts is "Be Prepared" -- and that we are in many aspects of our lives. We have lived through many hurricanes such as Hugo and Andrew. So we have a pretty extensive emergency kit. It is so good that we were denied a chance to be featured in a network news story. We were too prepared. 

We have first aid kits, camping kits, travel kits, beach kits and pool kits. But there is one thing I'm missing. 

My Jeep -- Oh don't get me wrong, I have my Jeep supplies but I just don't think it's enough for what I have planned for her.

Right now in my Jeep are blankets for those chilly nights when the top is down. There are also two first aid kits. We go through a lot of band aids in our house with two boys and all their friends.

And -- I don't leave home without my soccer mom chair. You just never know when it will come in handy.

Oh and the standard emergency road kit with jumper cables, warning triangles, gas siphon, emergency blanket, two bungee cords, glow sticks, flashlight and batteries. 

I know I should have more so I checked out some Jeep forums and got a few suggestions. Like some emergency supplies, a Tool kit with various tools, spare parts, and a recovery kit.

I'd like to hear what you take in your Jeep for those everyday trips and what you take for those off roadin' trips. What's in your tool kit? What's in your recovery kit?

My countdown to Rausch Creek begins and I better get prepared. 

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