Off Road Driving Training Classes - You Tube Video February 20 2019, 0 Comments

60 Days of Reflection - Day 6 Look Back

Today's V-log "Look Back" was a good one to reflect upon. Even though I still need to work on my delivery, this story is a significant story to share. It helped remind me the importance of passing on my knowledge and experience to others, to give back and help others get on the right path to many successful off road adventures.   

I feel very passionate about the importance of proper training before you take your Jeep off road. In this V-log I shared the steps I took to get where I am at in my off-road wheeling life. I took many training classes through out this off-road adventure. It all began with Off-Road Consulting 
which is located in Pennsylvania. I have also had some off-road and recovery classes with NorthEast Off-Road Adventures out of New York. Jeep Momma Blog Post - Recovery Class