A New Podcast -- Get to Know Me a Little Better February 23 2016, 0 Comments

There is a new podcast in town called The TrailChasers Podcast. I am honored to be the first guest. Check it out by clicking here... TrailChasers.net I am featured in Episode 1. 

Cody from TrailChasers.net is the host of the podcast. I met Cody through the Jeep Talk Show podcast I co-host weekly. Cody has a feature on the Jeep Talk Show Podcast called the Grand Adventure. 

I had a really great time with Cody as we chatted and laughed during the first episode of the TrailChasers Podcast. After we recorded the podcast I asked him a couple of questions about this new adventure his is embarking on.

What is the podcast about?
"This show does three things; 1. It gives people a platform to tell their stories. They can come on the show and give us a chance to get to know them better. 2. It gives me the opportunity to meet all the cool people in the offroading, overlanding, outdoor community. 3. I am hoping that all of these conversations will build relationships with other people that will help expose me to even more adventures than I can currently imagine."

What sparked the idea?
"I realized I was "connected" to a lot of people on social media but I really didn't know much about them. As you follow people more closely, you start to think, "Hey, they seem pretty cool. Maybe we could hang out," In a totally non-stalker way, of course."

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