A New Product Makes Driving a Jeep More Comfort February 12 2015, 0 Comments

In a December Blog Post, I posted Part 1 of the steering attenuator review.

Earlier in the fall,  I was approached by the folks at Performance Stability - Powers and Sons LLC to test out their new product, the JK Jeep Wrangler Steering Attenuator. This product is suppose to reduce the harsh road feedback inherent in the stock JK steering system. They claim it makes the Jeep safer and gives you peace of mind while improving your driving experience. 

I debated on whether I would be a good candidate to review this product. My Jeep driving experience at the time was very little. I also didn't have the skills to install this product myself. I wanted to be able to give a fair and honest review of the product. I believe it's important when reviewing a product you have all the facts and a good background knowledge before stating your opinion. So I contacted a fellow Jeeper, Jeff,  who I knew was fair and honest as well as had lots of driving experience in a Jeep. He was also very capable of making this install himself. 

Jeff's initial response to the product was positive, but he still wanted more driving time to give a full review. 

Jeff: "Definitely notice less jerking when hitting pot holes so far. Steering seems a little tighter as well, less play in the wheel." Dec. 2014

After giving Jeff another month or so of driving I contacted him to see what he had to say about the steering attenuator by Performance Stability  I sent him a couple of questions and here is his review. 

  • Pretty easy to install I'd give it a 2 wrench out of 5 difficulty level. 
  • Only took me about an hour to install. 
  • Very noticeable difference upon first ride on the road.
  • Less wheel jerk hitting bumps and a tighter overall feel in the steering. Making road driving more stable. 

  • Offroad isn't really noticeable as much except on fire roads and flatter trails . 
  • Overall I would give it a 4 out of 5, losing a point for a price point I think is a little high. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to smooth and stabilize their ride. 

You can also check out what fellow Jeepers have to say about this product on the Wrangler Forum. 

"Did another 120 miles today, almost all highway at 70 mph. Effortless steering and absolutely no lane pull from ruts or grooves. No jumping or jerking when changing lanes and bump feedback was totally minimized. Very happy."

"I am in the middle of the first long road trip since putting this on. About 1700 miles of a plan 3000 mile trip. On the first day of the trip I drove for 17 hours. Pre attenuator after 10 hours I was beat. This really does reduce the stress of driving."

Even though I don't do a lot of highway driving I think this would definitely be a great product to put in my Rubicon. However, I will have to add it to my long list of Jeep parts. I will also need to find some handy Jeep guy who could help me install it, Hmmmm wonder what Jeff is doing this summer?

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