Adam's Adventure Continued April 08 2020, 0 Comments

With everything happening in my life the past 4 months, I have been not keeping up with my blog posts from our Adam's Xtreme Off Road Adventure. Some have told me just to move on but my OCD says otherwise.  

It will always linger in the back of my mind that I didn't finish a project. That just won't set well with me. SO I must finish. The last blog post Day 20, we had just celebrated Halloween with Summit 4x4 and were heading to Kingman, AZ. 

Day 21 So here goes... Also at the end of this post are links to posts from Day One on.

One of our goals was to stay off of major roads as much as we could, so we took some back roads in Arizona from Prescott up to Kingman. We ended up discovering aliens. 

The actual sight of the alien crash in 1953 before the military scooped up the spacecraft and alien bodies! Of course we couldn't just drive by we had to stop.

After the lackluster museum of aliens, we headed north to Kingman. We had an appointment to visit another Made In America local small business, Route 66 Mods. We shared our visit on YouTube...

Neil and I were both excited for the next day. We were going to wheel with AZwestside Wheelers on some technical Kingman trails. Plus, we were going to meet Ric Swats. He is the "Crazy Man" who stopped BLM.

Day 22

Finally my chance to wheel with the big boys on a very technical trail, Homecourt. The whole trail was one big long obstacle. I certainly upped my wheeling game and was doing pretty good. 

During one of the obstacles I tore a valve stem and rolled a bead. Joe with AZ West Side Wheelers came to the rescue with a Colby Valve and saved the day. Plus I finally got to use my Lift Mate from Hi-Lift Jack.   

That evening we we all meet at a local brewery to remiss of the days events. It was a great time meeting online Jeep friends in person. 

That night we went back out to the trail head to set up camp. Neil and Jersey and I were beginning to get into a pretty good routine setting up camp.

It was a good day all in all as I wheeled some of my best wheeling and My Jeep had two new stickers. Homecourt for the trail and Raw Carnage Crew because I damaged my Jeep. 

Day 23

The next morning we woke up with the sun shining on our tent and it was time to pack up. We met Ric Swats back in Kingman to get the low down on how to stop BLM lands from getting closed.  

After our morning interview with Ric it was off to Mojave Road in California. 

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