Buy a 2nd Jeep or Modify My Current Jeep? July 14 2014, 0 Comments

My head is spinning with so many different options. I guess that's what happens when you ask for other people's opinions. 

My husband suggested I just go and buy a whole other Jeep. An older Jeep that I wouldn't worry as much about getting beat up out on the trails. That got me thinking it might not be a bad idea. I could keep my 2013 Wrangler Unlimited shiny and ding free, but still enjoy the off roading I would like to do with out the worries of banging up or damaging my "mommy" car.

So instead of saving for parts to modify my Jeep, I could look for a Jeep that's all ready off road capable, more so than my current Jeep. But the bad part about that is the re-sale value of Jeeps are astronomical. How long would I need to save? And then the question becomes what kind of Jeep would I get?

Man, who knew there were so many options and so much to consider.  Maybe I should just stick with purses, jewelry and shopping for clothes.  Ha ha -- I don't think so. Not my cup of tea. Just give me a cold beer and a muddy road and I'm happy! Actually an tall ice cold glass of Sangria!