Recovery Points - What are your upgrades July 08 2014, 0 Comments

Well -- as many of you know -- I'm saving to make my first Jeep modification. I was planning on getting a new bumper and winch. During this process of raising funds I will be doing some research to find the best fit for my Jeeping needs. I have reached out to the Jeep community for their thoughts. I have been given a lot of great advice and information. Thanks to everyone.

But with all that great information comes rethinking my plan. Someone mentioned rocker guards and recovery points would be a couple of their first upgrades they would make. So that got me thinking --(Not a good thing my husband says - HAHA) and here I sit doing some more research. But the best research in my opinion is hearing it directly from those out in the field.

I have some questions for my fellow Jeep lovers and would love to hear from you -- 

--What are the recovery point upgrades that can be made to my Wrangler Unlimted?

--Do I need to make them before the bumper or will the bumper cover that?

--What are the recover point upgrades you made to your Jeep? 

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