Cooking in My Jeep May 14 2018, 0 Comments

I have always heard of people cooking food on the engine of their Jeep and was curious. So I decided to give it a try on my Jeep Momma's Jeep Badge of Honor Trail Ride. It is so very easy to do. Here's My Jeep Momma Trail Sammie Recipe Step By Step.

Gather your Trail Sammie Items:

Heavy Duty Reynolds Wrap
Large Zip-tie
Frozen garlic bread
Ham or your choice of meat
Colby Jack Cheese or your choice of Cheese

Start with 3 sheets of Heavy Duty Reynolds Wrap to wrap your sandwich.

Place the garlic bread on the tin foil. Separate the two halves of the garlic bread. 

Place the cheese on both halves.

Place the meat on the 

Place the two pieces together.

Wrap the sandwich up with the Reynolds Wrap. Repeat two more times.

Place the Trail Sammie in between the battery and the manifold first thing before you hit the trails. You may want to secure with a zip tie.

If you are still running the plastic engine cover you will need to remove that. This plastic piece is for aesthetics only and does not need to be in your Jeep for proper engine function. 

Your Trail Sammie should be done by the time you break for lunch, usually about four hours. Take the Trail Sammie out and ENJOY! 

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