Damaged Tire -- Do I switch it out? September 26 2014, 0 Comments

A little over a week ago I drove up the block to the local park to pick my son up from soccer practice. Some roofers were replacing a roof at a home up the street from our house.

 As I was driving back from practice I heard a clink, clink as I drove home. When I got out and checked the Jeep there was a nail in my tire.

So I headed to the garage to get the tire plugged. My neighbor next door, a mechanic, said the plug should be good because the pressure in the tire will keep it in. Now that I'm thinking about it what about when I go out on the trails and air down my tires. What will happen then? 

The tire is the front drivers side tire. Now next week I'm taking my Jeep in for routine maintenance and tire rotation is on the agenda. 

Should I just switch the spare for the damaged tire? or does it matter?

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NOTE: The Roofing company compensated me for the repair cost to my tire -- $15. Never hurts to ask huh?