Down to One Jeep November 22 2019, 0 Comments

The adventure must go on! 

Even though Neil and I were down to one Jeep, we had to forge on! We both had way too much stuff for just my Jeep, so it was time to consolidate. Okay, so I admit I had way to much stuff. 

However, in my defense I was bringing extra things for Neil's "home". We unloaded everything and picked the basics. It looked like we were having a yard sale on the side of the road.

Side Note: A clarification from the previous blog post. As Neil was driving his buddy's Land Rover to meet me in Virginia it was my responsibility to look for a tire store on the way for him. He left Alamosa, Colorado in the middle of the night with worn tires. In efforts to meet the deadline he hit the road and I said I would help try to find tires. Well I failed as I was at lunch with a friend and it got too late. So I will take some of the blame for the tire blow out. :)  

After we were all loaded up, we made a spur of the moment decision to go see the Arch in downtown St. Louis. We felt since we would be heading out West it would be good to see the Gateway to the West. We both took a lot of pictures. 

Stay Tuned to this blog for Day 3 of Jeep Momma & Neil's Adam's Xtreme Off Road Adventure