The Adventure Begins!!! November 22 2019, 0 Comments

My friends thought I was crazy to go off on an overland adventure with a stranger. Neil and I weren't really strangers though. We had a special bond. That bond was the Jeep Life. Unless you are living it, you will never understand it. 

He loves Jeeps, off-roading, camping and living the simple life. That's what I want. So we gathered some sponsors and hit the road for Jeep Momma and Neil's Adams Extreme Off Road Adventure.

We were to meet at the Overland Expo East in Virginia then drive the first half the of Trans America Trail. Once we crossed the Mississippi it was off to Moab, Utah then the SouthWest. Neil in his 1980 Grand Wagoneer, Maggie May, and me in my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

Not even an hour out of my driveway our plans drastically changed. I was off to St. Louis to pick up Neil. He had issue after issue with Maggie May. 

Come to find out Napa Auto 
Parts has computer issues with the timing chain, and sold Neil the wrong size which spewed metal throughout his entire engine. There was no time to fix it, so Neil borrowed a friends Land Rover. Half way to the Overland Expo he blew a tire and new tires weren't expected for four days. 

So off to St. Louis to pick up Neil. We adapt and persevere! It was a 14 hour drive for me to Warrenton, Missouri where Neil and Jersey waited patiently for me to pick them up. I arrived around midnight and the next day we were to begin our adventure. 

I had some amazing views along the way and even randomly meet a fellow Maryland Jeeper in Kentucky!  

Stay Tuned to this blog for Day 2 of Jeep Momma and Neil's Adams Xtreme Off Road Adventure

Coming soon!