Finally a Jeep Tattoo May 31 2016, 0 Comments

It's been almost two years since I got my first tattoo. And it's true what they say. It is addicting, just like the Jeep. So far I have 5 tattoos, actually it's 6.

Last week I went in to get my Zodiac sign tattoo "fixed". I just didn't like the "stamped" look. In my opinion tattoos on women need to be feminine, curvy. 

When I was in San Francisco on a girls weekend get-a-way we decided to get tattoo's. I knew eventually I wanted my zodiac sign tattoo. But it just needed something more. Thomas at Classic Electric tattoo helped me "girl" it up. I love it now. 

While I was there I also had him give me my Jeep tattoo. I knew eventually I would get one, but my Jeep tattoo had to be just right. I came up with the idea while on my vacation. I absolutely love it! 

Am I done getting tattoos? I think so, but you just never know when the inspiration will strike.

      My First Tattoo 

       My Second Tattoo

    My Third Tattoo

My Fourth Tattoo