Molle Panel & Storage Bags Finally Installed June 01 2016, 0 Comments

A couple weeks ago I finally installed the Molle Panel from Justice Off Road onto my tailgate. 

Jeep Momma Molle Panel Install - May 3, 2016

Well this past week I finally weaved all my Molle storage bags. My friend and fellow Jeeper CPO from Overclock3d really helped with his Molle panel and bag weaving instruction video.

I am glad I watched his video. I would have never known how to properly weave the Molle bags to the panel.  

The strap on the Molle bag should be weaved through the panel then to the bag and back again to the panel. CPO does a great job explaining this in his video. 

On my tailgate panel I have the first aid kit from Justice Off Road. The kit features a "rip away" mounting system with attachment straps. A very cool feature when you are on the trails and need to take the first aid kit with you. You can just un-clip the straps, "rip" the bag from the panel then take it with you.

I am also using the Molle Utility bag. It is big enough to store my tree saver plus other recovery items. 

Finally my tailgate storage is complete.

But that doesn't mean I'm done. Like everything with Jeep the additions and modifications continue. I bought a cargo net for the rear trunk space. This is to hold down any loose items in the back. An important tip when off roading.  

Although I did have to make a few modifications to this cargo net. Instead of using their attachment hardware I attached the loops to the latches all ready in the Jeep. I am not sure how secure this will be, but I will find out soon enough. 

Then I zip-tied the net to the footman loops at the bottom of the rear seats. 

Next on my storage list is a back seat Molle Panel from Blue Ridge
Overland Gear. 

#JeepParts = never ending