Foto Friday - More Action or More Creativity March 07 2014, 0 Comments

Friday's Foto(s) of the Week 

When I worked in television news as a videographer I also covered many sporting events. I shot football, basketball and hockey games, even a golf match here and there. The number one rule as a sports videographer covering a game is to follow the action -- follow the ball. It was ingrained in me -- a natural instinct when I picked up the camera. Even after fourteen years my natural inclination is to follow the ball which makes it difficult when taking pictures at my son's basketball games. 

Now I'm retraining myself with the still camera trying to figure out the best way to catch the action. So far I'm not doing so well in the action department. My gut is telling me to stick with my creative side. If I want more action -- like I said before -- Practice, Practice, Practice!!! 

And I do believe I will need a different lens which will entail some research on my part. Possibly a little cash too!

In the meantime I will make due. I will do a little bit of action, but stick to the creativity I feel most comfortable with. I will leave those action shots for the videographers and go for the human emotion side of the game!  

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