Front Drive Shaft Maintenance September 12 2017, 0 Comments

I replaced my original manufacture's front drive shaft with a new Tom Wood's front drive shaft earlier this summer. The stock drive shaft couldn't hold up to the stresses of my lift and bigger tires. 

Regular maintenance is important to keep the Tom Wood's Drive Shaft  in excellent condition and give it a long life. The most important maintenance of this drive shaft is regular greasing. The Tom Wood's website says “We believe a frequent and thorough greasing is more important than the type of grease you use". 

One of the main results of the greasing is a proper "flushing out" of any contaminates. A little grease and dirt make an excellent grinding compound, which you don’t want to have. 

All you need is a good grease gun and some grease. You could do this in your own garage, but putting your Jeep on a lift would make it easier. There is one seal in the joint that you need to turn the driveshaft to get at it.   

While greasing, if you pump in grease until you see clean grease come out past ALL the seals, you will insure that most of the contaminants will be washed away. This is extremely important if you submerge your Jeep in water or mud. 

Note: Not all drive shafts need this type of greasing. Check with your manufacturer to ensure proper greasing. 

As you know, I want to be able to maintain my Jeep myself, but I have very little ~ to no background in vehicle maintenance. As the months pass though, I am growing in my knowledge. However, front drive shafts are new territory for me. So, I decided to head over to Adrenaline Off Road where I had my front drive shaft installed. Jeff and his trusted mechanic Mike gave me a quick little lesson. It really isn’t that difficult.

There are five seals that need to be greased. Just push on the coupler on the seal and squeeze in the grease. You will be able to see the old grease come out of the seals.

One of the seals is a little hard to find inside the joint. Turning your drive shaft will help locate it.  

Once I purchase my own grease gun I will be able to do this myself.