Gettin" My Jeep On! July 23 2013, 0 Comments

When I think of a Jeep, I think of adventure, the outdoors, physical activity, healthy, energetic, vibrant, exciting and total fun!  To be a Jeep owner I think you need to live up to those standards. And how do you do that... Well in my book - I'm calling it, Gettin' your Jeep On!  So I've started working on my Getting' My Jeep On plan.

My first step is to step up my current plan to live a more healthy life with healthy organic foods, and lots of exercise - exercise that a 40 something mom needs to be doing. 

Plus, not only being physically healthy, but mentally healthy too. Mentally healthy to me is surrounding myself with fun friends who share the same interests and enthusiasm, shedding my OCD compulsions, and to quit worry about the little things so much.   

I've spent the past 14 years dedicating my time to my two boys, my family and volunteering...lots of volunteering.  That left me little time to focus on my physical and mental health.  Well --  a women in her 40's can't afford to neglect her physical health.

About two years ago I noticed things didn't come too easily - like maintaining my weight.  I'm wasn't able to eat the same foods as I once did.  I tried many, many diets. I could never get past the five pound mark.  It wasn't until I read Suzanne Somers book Sexy Forever that things began to change.  I started her diet, and within three months I shed 20 pounds, and felt whole lot better.  However, this diet, like any other, really needs to be a lifestyle change.  While I continue to implement a lot of her diet steps, I have a hard time maintaining all of them. It's really hard when you have kids, who are picky eaters.  It can also get quite expensive because it's an organic diet. 

Now a year later, I'm eating better, but not totally the Sexy Forever way. And again I'm finding it hard to shed the extra weight. So, I've started working out at the local gym, and running in the neighborhood.

 Getting up in the morning to go the gym can be difficult.  But when I know what's waiting for me in the garage -then it's not so hard. My Jeep is my motivator. 

I hadn't realized how much I missed lifting weights and exercising.  It can be uplifting and puts you in a good mood. But just running and lifting weights still didn't seem to be enough.  Nothing was coming off. 

 So the research and experimentation has begun. I found an exercise plan that is suppose to help women just like me.  In their 40's not liking the extra fat and cellulite. I've taken some before pictures (YIKES!)...  now we will see how it goes  - and if I need the after pictures.  I hope so!  I'm not ready to share those before shots yet. I might ruin someone's dinner tonight - Bahaha. I will keep you posted on how this new exercise plan works, or doesn't work.
So... Gettin' My Jeep On Plan Checklist

 ...Adventure whitewater was just the beginning
...the outdoors more camping to come
 ...physical activity CHECK!
...healthy CHECK!
...energetic Gettin' there
...vibrant - pulsing with energy Hmm?
 ...exciting - Leo's are always exciting! :-D 
total fun again Leo's are total fun!